Class III

Class III items include machine guns, suppressors and short barreled rifles/shotguns. Once purchased there are a couple steps to be completed before you are authorized to take possession of the item. After submitting special federal paperwork (which include fingerprints and a $200 payment for the tax stamp) you must pass an NFA background check. Upon being approved, a tax stamp is affixed to your copy of the paperwork and mailed back to us. Receipt of this gives you permission to take possession of the class III item. We work closely with you through this whole process and provide you with all the required NFA paperwork. Information about the Tax Stamp Process and the NFA Branch can be obtained online.

We stock Class III items from manufacturers such as: Surefire, LWRC, Gemtech, SigSauer, AWC, Dead Air, Knight’s Armament, Heckler & Koch, B&T Arms, OSS Supressors, Dead Air and Daniel Defense